About Kenzie

My wife and I had a crazy idea. 

We should adopt a dog.

The day is Good Friday 2013. Kristen and I are on our way to North Shore Animal League - just to look.

We got in the car and made the trip to North Shore Animal League. We bounced back and forth between a couple of rooms that were filled with dogs looking for a home.

After circling the facilities a number of times, one little pup caught our attention. She was the only dog not barking in a room full of puppies itching to get out of their crates. She was actually sleeping through the whole ordeal.

We asked the staff if we could meet her outside of her crate and they were happy to oblige.

The little brown ball of fuzz was more interested in the volunteer (he had treats) than us.

Eventually, she realized if she ever wanted off of that island, she probably should start warming up to the couple playing with her.

After succumbing to much needed belly rubs and licking our faces, she decided that we would do. We decided to adopt a little ball of brown fuzz.

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity - the ball of fuzz was coming home with us.

We named her Kenzie. Fuzzbucket for short.

Good Friday 2013 is a day we'll never forget. After a few long, restless, what-did-we-do-to-our-lives, sleepless nights, Kenzie settled in to become the greatest little addition to our lives.

She's crazy. She's sweet. She's a treat fiend. 

She's the inspiration behind all of these books and drawings.

She's our little Fuzzbucket.

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