About the Author

Born and raised in Rockland County, NY, I currently reside and draw with my amazing wife, my beautiful and sweet daughter and the best four-legged buddy anyone could ask for.

I've started writing a series of children's books inspired by my dog, Kenzie, and my daughter's love for reading.

When I was growing up, I remember diving for the comics sections of the newspaper. I grew up loving Gary Larson's "Far Side". After he retired in 1995, I tried to find as many of his books that I could. "The Prehistory of the Far Side" is one of the most treasured possessions from my childhood. You can find a bunch of those books sitting on a bookshelf next to my drafting table.

Darby Conley's "Get Fuzzy" became my next favorite strip. The dynamic between the Bucky, Stachel and Rob is hysterical. Cartoon Kenzie's sassy attitude has definitely been influenced by that oddball cat.

I've been drawing sketches for as long as I could remember. My "family famous" doodles would appear in birthday cards. A little while later, those doodles would appear on the back of the guest's checks who dined at Annie's Restaurant in Stony Point, NY.

After the birth of our daughter, my wife and I were inundated with tons of children's books. My wife suggested that I could draw my own.

For months, I worked in secret drawing the book while my family was sleeping. I surprised them on Christmas morning with an early edition of "Kenzie Helps a Friend". They loved it and encouraged me to write more.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I did drawing them!

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