Kenzie the Basenji

By CJ - July 01, 2019

Rescued by the wonderful folks at North Shore Animal League, Kenzie was a wee little pup when we adopted her.

Kenzie displayed some unique traits for a puppy. She was often quite aloof and spent a good portion of her day grooming herself.

We thought we might have accidentally picked up a cat.

We did some digging and found a website that did doggie DNA tests. So, of course, we weren't those crazy dog parents who would spend money to find out what type of dog we adopted.

So, according to Wisdom Panel, Kenzie is part Basenji, part Australian Shepherd and part Boxer.

What exactly is a Basenji?

According to the AKCThe Basenji, Africa’s “Barkless Dog,” is a compact, sweet-faced hunter of intelligence and poise. They are unique and beguiling pets, best for owners who can meet their exercise needs and the challenge of training this catlike canine.

Catlike canine.

We were correct. We adopted a cat.

Basenji's have a ton of energy to burn off if they're not properly exercised. Kenzie loves hiking, swimming and running around her grandpa's backyard. But if she goes a day or two without a good workout, we're off to Target to pick up new curtains or window shades!

The folks over at do a great job talking about how to propperly care for your basenji:

While a barkless dog may seem the perfect choice for apartment living, these dogs are highly active and need an appropriate outlet for their energy. The especially active owner might get away with keeping one of these dogs in the city with frequent walks, hikes, and trips to the park, but they prefer to have a backyard. After all, chasing squirrels and rabbits is one of their favorite activities.

Did you know?

According to Wisdom Panel, "Some believe these fun-loving and high-spirited dogs started life in ancient Egypt, during the time of the Pharaohs. Drawings found in Egyptian tombs seem to confirm this theory, which would make the breed at least five thousand years old. With their small, muscular bodies and intelligent and alert natures, they’ve gained a reputation for being great hunting and guard dogs. Though if you want one to guard your home today, don’t expect them to bark. Instead, the Basenji will make literally any other kind noise – howling, whining, whimpering, growling – even yodeling."

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